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Chandler Lawyer Helps Manage Probate Professionally

Attorney in Maricopa County resolves complicated estate issues

Probate is an intricate, time-consuming task even when no significant estate disputes exist. At Jeffrey P. Hall, PLLC, I help families, beneficiaries and personal representatives manage the probate process as quickly and effectively as possible. From filing the will through the final transfer of property from the estate, I handle each legal detail to ease your burden at a difficult time. With more than a decade of experience assisting clients, I can guide you through any complication, including challenges by potential beneficiaries. With offices in both Chandler and Peoria, I am easy to reach and dedicated to bringing each probate matter to a successful conclusion.

Comprehensive representation throughout the Arizona probate process

From start to finish, a typical probate proceeding runs between six and 12 months. At my firm, you can be confident that each task will be handled in accordance with Arizona law and the decedent’s wishes. These tasks include:

  • Filing and validating the will — Following the death of a loved one, I can help file the will and petition for the designated person to be appointed as personal representative. From there, I can notify beneficiaries and creditors regarding the estate status.
  • Assembling assets — I have the experience to locate hard-to-find assets and bring them into the estate. These must be gathered before distribution can begin. Not all assets are subject to the probate process. Jointly owned accounts and property, such as real estate in the name of both spouses, automatically pass to the other owner.
  • Managing obligations — Failure of an estate to make required tax payments and meet other financial obligations has serious consequences. While the will is being executed, I work with the personal representative to see that each need is met in a timely manner.
  • Distributing property — After creditors and expenses have been paid, I transfer the remaining property in accordance with the will’s instructions and then petition the court to close the estate.

Jeffrey P. Hall, PLLC always offers a free initial consultation for estate and probate matters. If you’re still in the planning stage, I can advise you on the options that can help your family and beneficiaries avoid the probate process.

Detailed advice for each type of Arizona probate procedure

Arizona law has three types of probate procedures that are distinguished by the amount of control held by the court over the estate. At Jeffrey P. Hall, PLLC, I will help you handle the probate process skillfully no matter which of these probate categories applies:

  • Informal probate — For many wills that are valid and uncontested, a personal representative is responsible for conducting all estate business without much court guidance. If you’re managing an estate going through informal probate, I can guide you through each step.
  • Formal probate — This type of probate is required when some dispute exists over the validity of a will or its terms. If court intervention is required to resolve these issues, I will present your side in an authoritative manner.
  • Supervised probate — Heirs or creditors can request supervised probate. This can be a cumbersome process because every transaction must be approved by the court.

I can help you anticipate how your probate matter might be handled, and in any proceeding I will strive to minimize the time and expense.

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With offices in Chandler and Peoria, Jeffrey P. Hall, PLLC assists Arizona individuals and families with probate matters and general estate planning. Call 480-409-5174 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.