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Chandler Probate Administration Attorney Provides Professional Assistance

Arizona law firm helps personal representatives navigate complex duties

Probate is the court proceeding that validates a decedent’s will and appoints a personal representative to settle the decedent’s estate. At Jeffrey P. Hall, PLLC, I help personal representatives carry out their duties according to Arizona law and see that it is brought to a successful and timely conclusion. My law firm serves Arizona residents from offices in Chandler and Peoria.  

Probate administration steps

The probate process begins when a family member or friend of the decedent files an application or petition with the court. The court appoints that person as the personal representative to handle the estate. The personal representative then takes the following steps, among others:

  • Identifying potential heirs and creditors and notifying them of the court proceeding.
  • Taking inventory of the decedent’s assets, including bank accounts, real property and personal belongings, and of the decedent’s debts and other liabilities
  • Paying off debts, taxes and other financial obligations of the estate
  • Preparing an accounting of the estate
  • Distributing the remaining assets to the legal heirs or devisees

Within each step are several detailed tasks that must be completed in compliance with specific legal requirements. 

Duties of personal representatives 

If you are appointed the estate’s personal representative, your duties and obligations include managing and safeguarding estate assets, keeping accurate records of assets received and disbursements made, paying legitimate estate debts, filing tax returns and paying any taxes owed by the estate. What’s more, you can be held personally responsible for making errors that damage the estate properties. As a well-versed probate attorney, I will aid you from start to finish so that the process is carried out in accordance with Arizona law. 

Common probate issues in Arizona

Probate administration can involve multiple issues that require careful resolution, such as disputes by or among heirs, insolvency of the estate, tax issues and dealing with non-estate assets. Certain assets of a decedent pass directly to beneficiaries and do not go through probate, such as life insurance proceeds, pay-on-death accounts, beneficiary deeds and jointly owned properties with right of survivorship. I can assist you in identifying those assets and making sure they are properly transferred. 

Whatever help you require during probate administration, you can trust me to deliver strong and effective guidance. 

Benefits of professional probate administration

When you are dealing with the death of a loved one, the tasks involved in settling their estate can add to the emotional turmoil. As a skilled probate lawyer, I can lighten your burden and help the process proceed toward an efficient and timely conclusion. My extensive experience in handling estates can reduce the risk of legal challenges delaying or derailing the process. 

Contact a knowledgeable Arizona probate administration lawyer for help

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